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Marjorie Ann                                                           Pamela

Marjorie Ann is a 36′ Chesapeake Bay Deadrise style fishing boat with a comfortable cabin, large back deck, and plenty of shade. She was built in Maryland in 2010 and was purchased by Maui Fun Charters in late 2012 to be used for Maui style bottom fishing. She comes equipped with an on-board head, and the latest modern electronics and fishing tackle.

Pamela is a 30′ Force Marine fishing boat built in Hawaii in 1984. A very popular model in Hawaii for commercial fishing, she has been completely restored to be an ideal platform for Maui bottom fishing. New to Maui Fun Charters in early 2015, we have installed new electronics, comfortable seating, and plenty of shade on her large back deck to accommodate up to 6 passengers.

We use all AVET reels on custom 5O7S 6'6" rods.

Bottom fishing can use artificial lures but Marjorie Ann fishing usually uses bait like squid. Bottom Fishing off Maui is done with the boat stopped, sometimes anchored but usually drifting over “spots” where there is known to be concentrations of fish like snapper, jacks, wrasse, goatfish, and many others, in relatively shallow water (100-300 ft. deep). Once Marjorie Ann gets out to the bottom fishing spots, each passenger is given their own rod and instructed on how to use it to drop pieces of bait (the crew is happy to help you bait your hook if you prefer), down to the bottom and each fisherman has a chance to catch their own fish from start to finish;  usually averaging at least three or four fish per person. Most of the fish caught are small but the tackle is relative light so its a better match. Plus, if you do hook into a big one on light tackle, you are in for a really fun challenge.

Departing from Ma'alaea harbor at 7:30 AM, we take you straight to the grounds for a chance to hook the big ones, and of course the tasty ones if you are interested in keeping your catch to eat.  Bait, tackle, and the personal attention of the experienced crew are all provided.  We take no more than six passengers at a time which allows for a personalized trip and plenty of coaching of for beginners.  The small number of passengers also allows the opportunity to try a greater variety of fishing styles including the use of live baits when available.  We return to Ma'alaea by 11:30 AM. 

Charters and Prices

DAYS: Sun – Fri
TIME: 7:30am – 11:30am (7:15 check-in)
RATES: $159.00 pp. plus tax.
Minimum 4 people must be signed up before we will confirm a shared charter.

RATES: $1,20.00 plus tax for 4 hours 
A morning departure is recommended for the best chance of favorable wind conditions, but feel free to try the afternoon or sunset bite if it fits your schedule better. You are welcome to extend the trip at the low hourly rate of $300.00.

Custom Charters
Rates starting at $300.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Make up your own itinerary. Perhaps a coastline tour, ash scattering, sunset photo shoot, or just a boat ride.

Prices do not include tax (7.167%) or gratuity (10-20% recommended)

            Make up your own itinerary.  Perhaps a coastline tour, whale watch, sunset photo shoot, or just a boat ride.
Call us and let us know what you want to do.  Two hour minimum.


For more information and reservations
click here for our online reservation request form.
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